CLAY JARVIS, a singer, song-writer, composer and performer, playing original rock, boogie & blues, was a finalist in the International Blues Competition for 2017 at Ziggies in Denver, CO.  Clay won the King of the Blues 2010 contest in San Antonio, TX  for Guitar Center.  

His latest CD, “Then & Now”, was recorded and released in 2013. His first solo album was released in 1979, and his second project was recorded in 1983.   Clay has worked on countless projects as a studio musician. 

Clay’s music style and guitar-playing was influenced by Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Clapton, Santana with a cross of Albert Collins.  He writes his own material and has been a member of BMI for over 30 years. 

Clay has been entertaining  as a solo artist or with his band across south Texas and throughout the Colorado music scene.  After 4 years in Colorado, Clay and April have returned to Texas, now living in Frisco.  He is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with new and old musicians in Texas and hopes to record another CD soon.   He enjoys Sunday Night Blues Jams and always looks forward to meeting more musicians.




Clay Jarvis practices before a gig